For years, we’ve said, “if it were me, I would…” about the folks in leadership and the spotlight.

For my generation, if you’re still waiting for someone to pass you the baton, you’ve missed the whole movie. It is now our time…to make a difference in whatever way possible, in your sphere of influence, in your space and time.

Sitting on the sidelines is no more an option. The voyeuristic trend of the early 2000s has passed…it’s now time to DO SOMETHING. I think that you should only have the luxury of watching someone else’s life if you’re pursuing your own ASSIGNMENT. Of course, if you’re doing that, you don’t have much time for anything else!! >>>PROBLEM SOLVED<<<

With all of the technology and information at the tips of our fingers, hopefully your preparation, zeal, and passion can meet with OPPORTUNITY and you can begin doing what YOU do.

Does everyone need a spotlight or a microphone? Obviously not. We’ve all experienced Twitter rants and viral sensations that quickly fade and leave a bad taste and a negative image of the now 3.9 minutes of fame that is readily available to many folks these days. But in your own way, you have to examine how you can MAXIMIZE what it is that YOU do.

Who are you? And what is it that God has placed in you that YOUR WORLD needs to see?

It’s time to find out. GO!


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