Many relationships fail because when we enter into any kind of relationship or partnership, we see the aspect of the individual that we desire to unite with. When we marry someone, though me are marrying our wife or husband, they are not simply, a wife or a husband. They may also be an athlete, CEO, teacher, father, friend and son or daughter.

Without seeing the entirety of who the individual is, we expect them to consistently wear the hat that we have picked for them to fit the role that we need them to fit in our lives. Doing so is as faulty as joining a church just because you like the choir, when there are so many other aspects of the organization than just the music.

I’ve personally felt (consciously and subconsciously) like I had to mirror someone’s label for me. I grew up playing piano and it was hard for me to see myself as an athlete, though I am athletically inclined (in some sports lol). I left music briefly in my 20’s and pursued media wholeheartedly. When I became a minister someone said, “you look like you’re playing dress-up.” When I picked up music again, people who knew me only from that point in my life said, “you sing, too?” Meanwhile, others said, “maybe you’re just a writer and not a singer,” regardless of the fact that I had classical music training in my formative years.

My point: people with a ground-level view should not have a panoramic say on who you are! And the only one who sees all is the Creator! Ever notice that the first man and woman didn’t have a name until after the event we call the fall of man? It wasn’t until they had crossed God’s boundary for them that they had to be labeled in such a way.

But if you’ve been redeemed, walked through repentance and found a relationship with God, you are now free to roam about your life exploring all of the limitless aspects of who you are created to be, and not what people have labeled you to be!

And for all the Bible scholars, before you start citing all sorts of examples like, “Even Paul called himself an apostle! We need our labels! We need our titles!” We must remember Paul also called himself the “chiefest” of sinners. What’s important here is, again, not to focus on what man has labeled himself, but, rather, what GOD said about him. Check it:

ACTS 9:15: But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel…”

So if you’re out of titles, take this one: Chosen Vessel…and if you don’t like the name or label people have given you, just wear HIS name!! It’s better and will get you further than any man-given name anyway. TELL FOLK TO KEEP THEIR LABELS! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, TELL YOURSELF: I CAN’T BE BOXED IN!


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